Australian Food & Fibre (AFF) is myBMP certified, a commitment to maintaining industry best management practice.

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myBMP is a farm and environmental management system for cotton growers to ensure that Australian cotton is produced in a sustainable manner.

The programme provides growers and industry access to the latest technical data and research, assists with solutions to challenges and provides practical tools to help growers operate at maximum efficiency. As part of the programme, AFF is audited across the following key areas of farm operation:

  • Biosecurity – for prevention, management and control of pests and diseases
  • Energy and Input Efficiency – for more efficient energy inputs such as electricity, fuel and fertilisers
  • Fibre Quality – for growing the best quality cotton possible
  • Human Resources and Work Health and Safety – helps growers manage employees and contractors whilst providing a safe and compliant workplace
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – for management of pests, weeds and diseases
  • Sustainable Natural Landscape – for managing the vegetative and riparian assets on your farm
  • Pesticide Management – for all aspects of pesticide management, storage and use on farm
  • Petrochemical Storage and Handling – for managing fuels and lubricants on farm
  • Soil Health – for maintaining and/or improving soil quality and fertility
  • Water Management – covering water quality, efficiency of storage and distribution for both dry land and irrigated farming practices

AFF classing and ginning facilities are also myBMP accredited, contributing to a standardised classing and ginning system, and providing greater confidence in the quality of Australian cotton. Under the myBMP Program, AFF’s classing and ginning facilities operate under optimal conditions, with a set of best practices for the industry.

AFF ginning facilities must comply with the following critical areas to become myBMP certified:

  • Certification and calibration of all moisture measuring equipment, including in-line moisture measuring sensors
  • Certification and calibration of weighbridge and lint bale scales
  • Certification of test weights
  • Fire bale procedures and management
  • Sample management, including taking samples, sample size and sample rolls

As part of the myBMP Classing Program, AFF is audited in the following critical areas:

  • Sample Management (Ginning) – drawing of sample at the gin, sample roll delivery and sample roll testing
  • Sample Management (Classing) – sample conditioning and retention
  • Classing Facility – wall colour, lighting and humidity management
  • Sample Testing – equipment set-up, calibration check, calibration and use
  • Data Transfer – comply with data transfer requirements

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Better Cotton

Better Cotton (formerly known as the Better Cotton Initiative) is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. In 2014, Cotton Australia signed a landmark agreement with Better Cotton where cotton produced on farms that have been certified with myBMP can be sold internationally as ‘Better Cotton’.

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Oritain partnership

AFF has partnered with Oritain, a leader in the use of forensic science to determine provenance. This allows AFF to verify that its cotton production fits the claim of 100% Australian cotton.

The technology relies on forensic analysis of cotton samples to establish proof of origin without the need for additional product inclusions.

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